Enjoying Uplifting Entertainment

I love to play games, watch movies with, and read books to my children. In a fun way, I hope to recommend some of the entertainment my children enjoy most. I also will recommend uplifting entertainment for adults like you and me.


The Nativity Pageant

A is for Adam

The Holy Ghost is My Friend

I Can Love Like Jesus

Right Next to Me

Heartbeat of the Bitterroot

Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology


‘Love Me True: Overcoming the Surprising Ways We Deceive in Relationships’

Daughter of Ishmael: Promised Land, Broken Heart

Defenders of the Family

The Unsaid

Ella’s Will

The Second Season

‘Blessing the Nephite Children’ and ‘The Holy Ghost’

The Last Messenger of Zitol

Dear Jane

The Echoing

The Time Key

Born to Treason

The Sacred Gift of Childbirth

Everyday MOMents

By the Stars

The Land of Look Behind

The Enemy (War Room)

The Matchup

Save Matthias

Latter-day Warriors: Stepping into Your Spiritual Strength

More Than the Tattooed Mormon

Soda Springs

Shadows of Angels

Christmas Wonders


The Cenote

Sterling Bridge

The Kentucky Sunbeams

From Baptist Preacher to Mormon Teacher

Papa’s Book of Mormon Christmas

Casters of Doovik

The Gift Giver


Out of the Ashes

When Beauty is a Beast



To be a Humansperson (Home)

The Book with No Pictures

I Love You Through and Through

Thank you for sharing!

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Uplifting Entertainment

  1. Greetings Mandy Al-Bjaly,

    I am the author of “Sterling Bridge,” an historical fiction film novel (a short 140 page read) about a little known story of a true Utah hero during the Great Depression. It is being published by Cedar Fort in November. Although I am a first-time author, Cedar Fort tells me they anticipate a great family story like this, for all ages, will have wide appeal.

    Your blog caught my attention, but I couldn’t find the contact information, and I would like to give you one of the first looks at my book by offering you a free copy in exchange for your honest review. We are looking for some great blogs like yours to feature as part of a blog tour. Would you be interested? How many followers do you have (blog+social media)?

    The blog tour will run beginning November 10 through November 26 (Thanksgiving Day). Is there a day you prefer over another? We will hope to assign two blogs per day, and spots will fill up quickly.

    Please respond by Friday. Cedar Fort will want to send you a pdf (or possibly print) copy of my book to you right away so you will have time to read it before the date assigned you.

    Thank you much,

    Chad Robert Parker
    “Sterling Bridge”

    P.S.—I’m sending this out at the earliest that Cedar Fort has advanced copies available. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience if you have time constraints during the tour period, but are still interested in reviewing my book at a later date.

  2. I’m always googling for a list of good entertainment. Especially for date nights with my husband. Finally an actual good list! Thanks Mandy x

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